Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7/10/2012 HHN Update

Update from today's auditions! Seems like anywhere from 7-8 houses, and the inverse number of scarezones.

SS33 seems to be taking the place of the fallen SS44, and it's believed that one of the original SS's listed in the permits will be a dual run house, in my opinion based around this year's "icons". Yes, plural. The wild card is something listed as "DG" on the house list. But this could also be a scarezone misplaced by a source.

Now, the scare zone information was listed under these acronyms:


No one really knows what they mean. So speculate away!

UPDATE from Michael:  I am still trying to figure out how permits work, and I do not follow the HHN permits very closely, but the Soundstage 44 Haunt permit was amended on June 29th to have Soundstage 44 removed from the project.  Yesterday, July 9th, it was updated by the Fire inspector.  I am speculating/guessing that the Soundstage 44 permit was transformed into the permit for Soundstage 33.

Okay HHN fans, transform and roll out for now.-Michael

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