Thursday, March 17, 2016

Project 620 (Fast & Furious) Build Permits Filed

Permits for building the show scenes and ride system for Fast & Furious Supercharged at Universal Studios Florida have been filed. We've long had permits for the building but this permit is for the attraction itself. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

5.10- Southern Delegates

Lane, Mike, and Nick talk about USH's permanent The Walking Dead House, Kong rumors and news, and Toothsome Chocolate Factor at CityWalk. Then LitemAndHyde joins the guys from Orlando for quick live update. Plus some listeners questions are answered!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reign of Kong Ride Vehicle and Experience Updates

Photo courtesy Universal Orlando Resort, from Orlando Sentinel.
Tonight Orlando Sentinel reports a major update to Reign of Kong will be coming later on March 15th. The ride vehicles are officially confirmed to be trackless, a first for Universal, and seat 72 guests. The above photo is one of the five drivers that will join you on your adventure in Skull Island. Per the story...
 West also says that "behind the wheel" will be one of five different drivers, each with a different story, which will make for varied experiences on the attraction. Drivers include Becky (a cowgirl), Will Denham (adventurous cousin of a movie director), Jinks Costanza (ex-con from New York City), Kalana (descendant of the island's natives) and Doc (paleontology student). 
 For more information and details go check out the Orlando Sentinel article.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Emporium to open 2016 in CityWalk

Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort
Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort
Hey, you. Yeah you. You want some chocolate? Like, the good stuff, in milkshakes, cakes, pies, and more? I know a guy who can hook you up, first one's free. Let me introduce you to the Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Emporium, yeah he's cool. This new restaurant replaces NBA City in CityWalk and opens later this year and will serve "unique twists on classic" steaks, pastas, seafood, burgers, and more. Oh, and it'll have an all day brunch. You know they're chill when they serve all day brunch.

This place also has style, rocking  steampunk atmosphere and costumes throughout. There will even be a show kitchen where you can watch take home treats being made. But that's not all. They'll also offer a bar where you can order some crazy milkshakes like red velvet cake, Bacon Brittle, and Key Lime Pie. And there will be massive sundaes like the S'mores.

Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort
Toothsome is under construction right now between Islands of Adventure and the Hard Rock Cafe. We do not have an opening date yet, but it to should open before Halloween Horror Nights 26 in late September.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

5.9- Team Dingus

Joe and Mike are two parapsychologists who start a ghost hunting business in New York after being fired from their plush university research gigs. Joining them are Jon Fu and Jonathan Green from Inside Universal to talk about the changes to Universal Studios Hollywood over the past two years, speakers, wood beams, press tours with Alan Gilmore, sight lines, grab and go food venues, stink pickles, tile flooring, Japan, and Mike being Lost in Translation.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

5.8- Face Stuff

Joe, Lane, and Mike are three actors who are sent to Mexico to audition for bandit fighter roles only to be confused by the locals as actual heroes. They then talk about VR coasters, Disney operations cuts, price increases, Kong updates, Rivers of Light, and future of Universal parks rumors.

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