Future UOR Projects

Super Nintendo World

March 7th, 2015 Universal issued a joint statement with Nintendo confirming Nintendo characters and stories will come to the Universal parks. A massive deal, Nintendo is one of the few companies left where their characters do not appear in a theme park setting. The project has changed significantly since Universal presented it's initial proposal to Nintendo, but expected attractions include a Mario Kart dark ride, Donkey Kong mine car coaster, and a Yoshi dark ride.

Epic Universe & Universal Land Purchase

On December 1st, 2015 during the Skyplex Orange County Commissioners meeting for approval of the project, news leaked on GrowthSpotter.com (behind paywall) that Universal has an option on 450+ acres of land near Sand Lake Drive.  Additional confirmation was provided by the county commissioners. This land, in addition to the Wet'n'Wild property (which is closing December 2016) could open up a massive, unprecedented expansion for Universal Orlando Resort, and the biggest theme park additions in Orlando since the 1990s. Read here for more information and speculation.

Announced August 1, 2019, Unviersal's Epic Universe is a new theme park arriving in early 2023. While not many details were shared the new park will feature attractions based on Nintendo, Universal's Monsters, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, and new original concepts for the park.

CityWalk Enhancements

Starting in 2012 Universal focused attention on upgrading CityWalk's offerings. Old shops and restaurants were ushered out as new concepts were brought in. Some of these changes include CowFish, Antojitos, NBC Grill Brew, Toothsome, and BigFire. Now Universal is removing several stores for a new, unified experience. Fossil, PiQ!, Fresh Produce, and Island Clothing Co. closed in late December 2019 to early January 2020 leaving a large retail location open for a new concept. While details on the project are scarce and those working on it are tight-lipped some of the speculation includes an expanded and better themed Universal Studios Store, a Nintendo World Store location, or something totally new.

Jurassic Park Coaster

For years rumors have pinned down Jurassic Park as the next addition to Islands of Adventure, but the focus constantly shifted to other projects such as Reign of Kong and the new Potter coaster. But now it sounds like that focus is being directed at Jurassic Park again. This time the old Triceratops Encounter land will be used as part of a new Intamin launched coaster similar to Maverick. Rumors point to this ride being the fastest in the park and will travel over the lagoon. Construction is believed to begin in 2019 for a 2021 opening.

The Bourne Stuntacular

Opening early 2020, The Bourne Stuntacular combines live stunts, massive video screens, and in-person effects to bring the Bourne movies to life. Read more about the concept and what to expect in our announcement post.

Fear Factor Live Replacement

Fear Factor has been earmarked as a possible Harry Potter expansion plot since Diagon Alley opened. After Universal's purchase of new land southeast of the existing resort for a new park it is possible the new attraction designed for this area has been moved to the new park.

Shrek 4D Replacement

Shrek 4D is slated for a new attraction with rumors spanning from the DreamWorks Theater at USH to the new Secret Life of Pets ride. At this point, we believe the project is in flux and new plans are in development.

Kidzone Replacement

KidZone is the next location on the chopping block with the original plans for Nintendo being placed here. Since then various projects have been proposed including Dreamworks, Illumination Entertainment, and other properties. The two leading rumors are a Pokemon themed land with an E-Ticket attraction and/or the much-rumored Secret Life of Pets attraction paired up with a refreshed Animal Actors show.

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