Friday, July 6, 2012

UOR Permit Update 7/6/12: London Lagoon Wall

Work on the new London Waterfront is well underway.  In the past month, PCL has been digging and dewatering the areas that used to jut out into Universal Studio Lagoon.  This week, a coffer dam was constructed a few yards out from the existing wall and that section was drained.  In the past two days, rebar and concrete wall forms have appeared at the back of the concrete juts in line with the rest of the shore.

I formally worked on a massive project with large concrete walls, so the rebar and forms are familiar to me.  The location of the rebar and the forms led me to believe that Universal would actually be taking land away from the former Amity shoreline.  A visit to the permit has confirmed my suspicions.

Since the permit was issued, more information was added but basically, here is what we are interested in:

"The lake wall will not be disturbed. Only wall segments will be constructed."
"The lake wall will not be disturbed. Only wall segments "inland wise" will be constructed." 
"Note 2 on sheet A201 calls for partial demolition and construction of new wall in 2 areas"
 "The wall is being broken up into approximately 8 sections and the pilasters are being poured with the walls."
Speculation based on what we know.
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UPDATE: Without more exact plans, we cannot be sure what the new shoreline will look like, but it will likely resemble what was already there minus the sections I have outlined in green.  Some of the areas outlined in blue were themed as fake rocks.  Those areas will likely be receiving some of the 8 new sections mentioned.  The form for one portion of the new wall has already been erected along the upper red line.

Also, the more I think about it, when they mention "lake wall" not being disturbed, they are referring to the concrete pool structure that makes up the lake, not the retaining wall.

Recent photo updates show that the dewatering apparatus has been removed from the concrete jut-outs.  The jut-outs themselves are probably not long for this world and will be demolished soon.

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The Building Permit for PROJECT 722 LAGOON WALL

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