Friday, July 20, 2012

Evening Extra Magic Hours Slashed

According to the official Walt Disney World website, it appears that 3 Hour Evening Extra Magic Hour periods have been discontinued. Beginning in January, Extra Magic Hours will only last up to two hours post park closing. Extra Magic Hours in the morning, which allow Walt Disney World Resort guests entrance an extra hour prior to park opening, will remain the same.

 These changes come after Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Extra Magic Hours for the evening were reduced dramatically in the past year, and while normal operating hours for guests remain woefully short of previous years when closings would often be 10 PM at the earliest.

 Strangely enough, curtailing hours in Walt Disney World comes after internal support of Disney’s Leap Year events that boasted record crowds and support from leadership. This support, of course, is wished to continue and it is rumored of Disney creating more “after hours” events that revolve around entertainment and guests being allowed extra time (perhaps up to 24 hours, again) in the theme parks.

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