Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Halloween Horror Night Site Update 7/17/12

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Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Night's 22 website has been updated to include Silent Hill and a blurb about the event overview.

On Monday, an iconic Silent Hill nurse was added to the front page.  Unlike the nurse from the Hollywood HHN site, the Orlando nurse is Hollywood's modest twin and has her cleavage covered.  Boobs...the HORROR!

©2012 Universal Hollywood.  All Rights Reserved.

Today, the event overview was updated to include:

On select evenings, Universal Studios Florida® will transform into the nation’s premier Halloween event. Escape infection as you make your way through all-new haunted houses, spine-chilling scare zones and live shows, all while a horde of flesh-eating zombies prowls the darkened studio streets. There’s truly no better way to meet your end than at Halloween Horror Nights.
This confirms that zombies will indeed be featured in this year's event and possibly quite prominently.  Sean offers this observation:
 "What if they're going for a more "interactive" experience this year. Silent Hill is being touted like no other, and the "Your Alternate Ending Awaits" along with "Escape infection" just seems like there could be a touch of that this year. Of course it's probably just PR speak...but it would be really, really cool if they could somehow pull it off."
The entire Parkscope Staff will be attending HHN the first weekend of October.  Plan accordingly.  Also, follow us on Twitter @Parkscope.

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