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Worth it List 7/1/2012

Good afternoon everyone. This week we're looking at Snow White's influence on dark rides, killing off success (and how it relates to WDW and UOR), bears, balloons, an old favorite video, and Cars.

Worth Reading

Someone is Coming to Eat You by Michael Lopp

The reward for winning is the perception that you’ve won. In your celebration of your awesomeness, you are no longer focused on the finish line, you now lack a clear next goal, and while you sit there comfortably monetizing eyeballs, you’re becoming strategically dull. You’ve forgotten that someone is coming to eat you and if you wait until you can see them coming, you’re too late. 

Originally written about Apple and its habit of killing off popular products at its prime, Michael Lopp writes a fantastic piece on innovation, winning, becoming stagnant, and product execution.

Look at it this way. Instead of opening a new attraction and then settling down, you must always strive for the next capital investment and attendance driver. You open up a new attraction, and if it's successful (or a failure,) you don't cancel the next phases of expansion (I'm looking at you Animal Kingdom). Universal Orlando understands this, and they have killed off a popular attraction, started demolition on other areas, and are looking to expand into empty areas.

Through the Forest: Snow White's Adventures by FoxxFur
Into the Dark Forrest by HBG2

The dark ride attraction gods have smiled upon us and bestowed two fantastic articles on Snow White's influences on dark rides. FoxxFur posts a historical look at how dark ride logic and history was applied to the Snow White story and the revisions of the attraction through the years. The Claude Coats influences are really focused upon, which then segues into the Haunted Mansion article by HBG2. This time we're looking specifically at the trees featured in Snow White, Snow White's Adventures, and from the decent scene in the Haunted Mansion.

Yet again, both FoxxFur and HBG2 prove they are the leading writers on the history, analysis, and study of Disney attractions.

Characters in Flight Removal by R.A. Pedersen and All Ears

Somewhat late breaking, the Characters in Flight balloons at WDW and DLP have been removed from service. While Aerophile, the company who makes the balloons, have said it is for inspection after an incident in China, others are saying this is a permanent removal. Stay tuned to Parkscope for updates as they happen.


Toy Story Midway Mania at Tokyo Disney Sea by Disney And More

No information if the interior is significantly different, but the outside is stunning. I especially like the interactive "Woody's Roundup" theater in the queue; that is how NexGen should be done.

Worth Watching

You've probably seen it (as I have for years), but as I prepare for my Orlando trip, I paid a revisit to one of the best videos of all time. If you haven't seen Captain Eo, you'll have no idea what is going on besides Eeyore dancing.

Back before Pressler and the 90s, Disneyland cast members would hold Cast Parties and do parody videos created by departments. Watch the Entertainment department recreate Captain Eo using Disney characters and cheap special effects.

HKDL's new Grizzly Gulch coaster is testing, and boy does it look fantastic. Several AAs, interesting coaster layout, great special effects, and lots of theming make this look like a winner. I hope the Seven Dwarfs Coaster is as good as this.

Worth Lisenting

While not totally new, it's nice to have Disney provide attraction music again. What was the last attraction to have Disney provided music? Space Mountain refers at Disneyland?

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