Friday, June 15, 2012

UOR Permit Update 6/15/12: Project 7448

Universal loves to file permits on Fridays.  The Hogwarts Express permits were filed on a Friday two weeks ago.  And Project 7448 was originally filed 3 weeks ago.

Today, two new building permits showed up for Project 7448 which has been revealed to be a series of buildings.  Also, the original Project 7448 permit was updated to be an individual building.  Project 7448 was originally speculated to be part of the new London Waterfront that is replacing the Amity Boardwalk area.  Work has already begun on the new sea wall, but they have to drain water from the holes they have been digging.

The original 7448 Building Permit:

Today, the updated 7448 permit now named Building 64

The new Project 7448 Building 65

And new Project 7448 Building 65 A

The original 7448 permit, now named Building 64, was updated this morning by the Reviewers to include language referencing Florida Building Code 303, 106, and the word 'mercantile.'  FBC303 refers to the group (category) that the buildings it are in.  Specifically, 303 A3 BII which suggests that it is, in fact, a mercantile and one with low capacity (less than 50.)  FBC 106 deals with buildings containing multiple floors.  The permit reviewers reference the lack of information of a second floor.  I suspect the second floor is for storage.

Project 7448 very well could be a series of buildings for the new London waterfront.  Surely, Universal wants food, beverage, and merchandise in an area that will someday be a very popular Cinematic Spectacular (or future iteration) viewing area.  It could also be referencing new buildings in the Diagon Alley complex.  Only time will tell.


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