Saturday, June 23, 2012

Soundstage 44 Demolition Progress 6/23/12

We were beginning to wonder what was going on.  Since we reported that Soundstage 44 was going to be demolished, all that had been removed were Donkey's meet and greet and the concrete overhangs.  Today, Parkscope Correspondent, Nick Corjay snapped a shot of progress as seen from Richter's Burgers.

SS44 Demolition from Richter's Burgers
© 2012 Nick Corjay.
As you can see, the demolition crew has now started removing the precast concrete shell of Soundstage 44.  This is a curious way to demolish a building, but we suspect it may be due to asbestos in the building materials or its proximity to other buildings in the area.  Some people were beginning to suspect that the entire building shell would remain, but that does not seem to be the case. After the shell is removed, the structural steel beams will be next.

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