Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hogsmeade South Station Plans

The South Florida Water Management District posted plans today for Project 3641 in connection with "basin improvements."  We have found some simple layouts of some of the Hogwarts Express stations which will feature heavily in the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.

Hogsmede Station
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Above, you can see the layout for what is assumed to be the  Hogsmeade Station for the Hogwarts Express, which is by far the most interesting piece in the plans that we acquired. The station seems to be set back between the two tracks of Dragon Challenge.

What the area currently looks like.  Sinbad is on the right.
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Earlier, we put up an article about the demolition of the buildings in Lost Continent that were thought to be making way for the station. With this apparent setup, it looks like Universal may be going for a queue area or pathway for what is probably going to be a very, very popular attraction.

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Other than that, the majority of the plans are about how Universal will be dewatering the station areas and moving ground water into surrounding basins.  According to the documents, Universal plans on having to move millions of gallons of water.  Hopefully, work will start soon.

Link to SFWMD plans: http://my.sfwmd.gov/ePermitting/DetailedReport.do?recordId=0&showMenu=false

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