Friday, June 8, 2012

UOR Permit Update 6/8/12: Pylones?

There was a building permit filed yesterday with the City of Orlando for CityWalk Space 745J. We are not very sure what space 745J is, but a Google search provided us with the name of a new LLC in Orlando called PYQ-MCO.  The LLC was created in March of this year, and its address is Suite 74J at Universal CityWalk.  More Googling connected this company to Pylones, a string of high-end trinket stores in New York with some connection to Paris.

Here is the description of Pylones from their About Us page:
Welcome! You have just arrived in the colorful and animated world of  Pylones-USA. Founded in France in 1985, Pylones (pronounced pea-lone), delights consumers everywhere with thoughtful designs and innovative twists on everyday objects.

Pylones shops are renowned for their ingenious window displays and a festive environment mixing humor and whimsy with smile-inducing and practical products that address every aspect of life including home, office, playtime, personal grooming and even pets.

Pylones-USA opened its first shop on New York City's Upper East Side. Soon, new store locations popped up throughout the city, adding a touch of fun and frolic to other fashionable neighborhoods including SoHo, Grand Central Terminal, and the latest space at Rockefeller Center.
Here is the website for Pylones

Lastly, Verizon users who frequent Universal Orlando may see an improvement in their signal as today, Universal filed a building permit to replace 3 existing antennas with 6 new ones for Verizon.

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