Saturday, June 16, 2012

Worth It List: 6/17/2012

The past several weeks have been massive for the theme and amusement park industry. Lots of great stories and news pieces came out covering new attractions, editorials, rumors, and history. Here are the things that are Worth It.

Worth Reading

Progress City: From The Model Shop...

Michael over at Progress City has unearthed rare EPCOT models from the mid to late 70s showing rejected and never built ideas. The lost Dark Continent pavilion, the original Land, and World Showcase circa 1978. Make sure to click on the photos, they're massive!

Long Forgotten is again at the forefront of theme park research and historical analysis with this unique article on the gentrification of the two different Disney Haunted Mansions. I won't ruin it, but I will say it'll make you consider how the designers have an influence on the an attraction beyond just personal styles and opinions.

Worth Watching

Progress City: A Secret Showcase

Long lost footage from 1977 showing old school WDW and the 'World Showcase', back before Marty infamously pushed the two models together!

Attractions Magazine: Casey Jr Splash 'n' Soak

Nice little diversion and pallet cleanser here. Nothing more than some water, sounds, and movement.

This is the best video of the new, mega E-Ticket anchor for Disney California Adventure. You see all the figures at good light levels. I simply love the Doc Hudson AA.

Attractions Magazine: Minion Mayhem

The final part of the Summer to be Here, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is now in technical rehearsal. Universal Creative has really nailed the humor and charm in this attraction!

Worth Listening To

Passport to Dreams Old & New: A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World

This is a few months old, but if you have not given this a listen yet, do so. It's a loving recreated snip-it of Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom from the mid 70s. The whole CD starts with my favorite musical piece ever written for Walt Disney World: the long lost Walt Disney World Theme.

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking into the show building. That is all.

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