Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Is Going On At Venetian Point?

Over the past few weeks, it has been reported around the internet that height balloons have spotted at site designated as Venetian Point.  Today, I got a report from a friend in the area that once again, the height balloons are out, and whats more, they've been clearing the shoreline.

It has long been believed that the land is unsuitable for building a resort.  Could that just be a myth/urban legend floated out to the fan community like the sinkhole below Horizons?  Height balloons have also been spotted at the Polynesian Resort for preliminary work on the DVC addition to that resort, but the tests on Venetian Point are too far away to be for the Polynesian.

So what is going on?  A Cell-Phone tower?  Could we actually be getting a resort on Venetian Point 40 years later?  Imagineers flying kites?

Venetian Point Plot circled in red.  Monorail line in blue.
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