Saturday, June 17, 2017

Super Nintendo World Concept Art & Rendering Leaks

Last week concept art and computer renderings for the original pitch for Super Nintendo World leaked. Now the flood gates opened with more art, renderings, and inside information leaking. We'll be breaking down what the leaks are showing, what has changed, and what is remaining the same.

This is the general layout and original entrance to Super Nintendo World. In this version guests would enter through Peach's castle (located roughly where Animal Actors is now) into a large indoor area. The indoor area would feature a Nintendo World Store, a Pokemon area (not elaborated on), Luigi's Pizza (don't think too hard about what they'd do with the other Luigi's Pizza), a small tea cups like ride with Koopas, and a Bullet Bill TTA-like ride.

Going clockwise around the land is a Kirby young kids area with one ride and a kids wet/dry play area. We believe this Kirby area has been cut, which is a shame as it would have been a fantastic memorial to the late CEO of Nintendo Satoru Iwata (he worked extensively on the series).

Next up is Donkey Kong Island which takes inspiration and setting from the Donkey Kong Country series. The first attraction is a large kids play area tree fort similar to the one Donkey Kong has at the beginning of each game. The second attraction is an outdoor coaster using the boom coaster patent. This coaster will be a new attraction and not a retheme of the Woody Nuthouse coaster. At this point we the coaster is remaining in the final plans but have not heard if the kids play structure remains.

Mario Kart. Practical. Real. Insane. The concept has evolved since the initial proposal above but the ride will retain the same scope and scale as the concept art. There's a debate about the use of projections and "AR" glasses in the ride to replicate the battle items during racing. Our understanding is some sort of AR will be used to show the shells, bananas, and other items on the track but how that is implemented might still be in development.

Also in the concept art is a Bowser's Airship ride and Luigi's Mansion interactive play area. These concepts seem to be sacrificial lambs for Mario Kart; when the budget restraints hit these will be the first attractions removed so the Mario Kart ride doesn't get touched. We have not heard of these attractions coming to the final version of the land.

Next up is Hyrule/The Legend of Zelda, an area we believe that has been cut from the final plans. In prior released (above) images you can see a preshow with Princess Zelda and the implementation of the 'puzzle moving theater' patent. Other famous areas from the series like the Great Deku Tree and Kokiri Village show up in the land along with an "interactive area".

What is not leaked, but expected to be coming to the land, is the Yoshi dark ride. The Yoshi dark ride will be an all ages ride aboard Yoshi ride vehicles. With the refocus on Mario and Donkey Kong only for Phase 1 the Zelda area, smaller attractions, and Kirby area have been jettisoned to future expansions in other parks.

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We have heard that sections of KidZone will start phased closing for demolition and construction starting after Halloween Horror Nights 27. Hopefully an official announcement will come soon afterwards.

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  1. Awesome article. Cool scoop! I share your anticipation, as I've been a Nintendo fan since I got my first NES 27 years ago. I think this is going to be one of those things whose interest will span the generations. By the way, Masahiro Sakurai
    is generally considered Kirby's creator.