Friday, June 16, 2017

Introducing: Parkscope YouTube Tuesday!

And now, Parkscope is very proud to present…the most exciting announcement since the creation of the Parkscope Blog!

No, we’re not announcing the next Marvel movie. Sit down in the back of the class.

Joe and I have been talking about re-igniting Our YouTube Channel for some time now, and now that we’ve got it back up and running, we will be very pleased to be hosting a regular feature.

Every Tuesday evening, we will be posting a new video to the Parkscope Blog YouTube Channel. We’re huge fans of theme parks and old Disney stuff, so we are going to scour the archives for classic material we know theme park nuts will love.


And we’re not just talking about the classic stuff, either. Joe and I will be firing up the old VCR (and the new VHS conversion software), the DVD player, the Laserdisc…whatever player…and bring to you folks all the ridiculous theme park nonsense that’s fit to print. And let me tell you, in the last few decades we’ve gathered quite a collection, and we’re very excited to be sharing it with all of you!

No, Seriously. All the classics.

In addition to these videos, we will be posting an article on Parkscope about the video: its history, its fun facts, and its moments of unintentional hilarity. Joe and I will be taking the lead, but we’re also going to have plenty of writers do guest articles for these videos. Trust me, they’ll pop up like supervillains in Fantasmic. Or like complaints at Volcano Bay (too soon?)

We hope you take the time to watch the videos with us and laugh along, and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. And I’m not kidding folks, we’re going on real nostalgic overdrive for a long, long time. Hold on to your hats and glasses, this is Parkscope YouTube Tuesday.

Remember, Use Your Head, Don’t Lose Your Head,

Joe (@parkscopejoe) and Jeff (@ParkScopeJeff)

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