Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Did YOU Know Parkscope is Now on YouTube?

This is an official announcement of the Parkscope Broadcasting System. In the case of an actual emergency there will be lots of high-pitched noises buzzing to the tune of “Let’s Go **So and So**” that you hear every five seconds at a basketball game.

Pictured: footage from NBA Finals, Game 5

Parkscope is now on YouTube! Huzzah! I know that’s what you all wanted to kick off the summer.
We’re going to be posting our Unprofessional Podcast Hour to YouTube. Check out our page here all you’ll see we’ve snazzed it up with every Unprofessional Podcast within the last year. From now on, every podcast will also be posted to YouTube. We also have a couple more playlists, “Disney” and “Other Theme Parks” with some other cool (but mostly random) content.

IT'S SO SHINY *sniff*

So why should you care if our podcast goes to YouTube? Because YouTube can offer something our other sites cannot: ALERTS! That’s right, if you subscribe to our channel you can click the bell icon…

…And you’ll get an alert every time we download a new podcast! So no more guessing when Joe will find a new brewery or when Lane can find an underground bunker with wi-fi at SunTrust Park. You’ll immediately get alerted once a new Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast is available!

We’ll also be providing LOTS more content on our channel throughout the year, more than you can ever want (and that’s a guarantee!) A detailed announcement will be forthcoming later this week.
Until then, enjoy listening to us ramble over the internet on our new channel that we're so excited about that we're providing a paragraph-long hyperlink and be as thrilled as we are for our new ride! Now repeat after us … **Let’s go Parkscope** **clap clap clapclapclap**

Watch and be free!

Joe (@parkscopejoe) and Jeff (@ParkScopeJeff)

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