Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UOR Permit Update 11/6/12: Simpsons about to get underway/Nassal Work

Today's round of Notice of Commencements are another interesting bunch. First, the contractor, HW Davis Construction, and Universal Orlando have finally filed notice of commencements for the beginning of the upcoming expanded Simpsons area, filing for construction services as well as demolition and construction walls, both of which can be seen below. The documents both talk about building 72, which is the International Food Fair, Kwik-E-Mart, and Restrooms that we reported would be partially demolished and changed back in August.

For those unfamiliar with HW Davis, they are very well versed in the creation of themed environments for the theme parks. They built the outside portion of the Simpsons Ride, MIB Alien Attack, as well as multiple themed shops and UOR's Orlando International Airport store.

Also, a notice of commencement has come from Nassal and Universal Orlando for Wall layout and Installation. Nassal is a company that has done a plethora of work for both the first Wizarding World of Harry Potter as well as design work on the second phase coming to Universal Studios Florida. Could the walls inside the Gringotts ride building be coming soon? Or could they also be working on the interior or exterior theming for Transformers the Ride?

Stay tuned to @Parkscope for up to the minute updates on both these continuing projects.

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