Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UOR Permit Update 11/14/2012: New Project "Project 007"

UPDATE: The following deals with the Monsters Cafe. Which means we will be seeing the building at least rethemed in the coming months.

Two new, and interesting permits, have surfaced today regarding Universal Studios Florida that seemingly include even more building remodels. But what is really interesting is the project's name.

"Project 007"

Now, I have to assume it has nothing to do with Bond at the moment, but still, the on the nose title is curious. It has to do with interior demolition and foundation work for Building 43 at Universal Studios Florida. Since Transformers was Soundstage/Building 44, we would have to assume 43 would be somewhere around there. The permits can be seen below.

Now, again, we're not experts on the building numbers here, but once we get information on the building, we'll make sure to update you here and @Parkscope.

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  1. building 43 is Monster Cafe..