Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Volcano Bay: UOR's New Waterpark?

Well, I seriously can't get a break from all these new things popping up for Universal Orlando Resort, can I? Today it comes from the trademark registry database, and a new trademark filed by Universal for "Volcano Bay" in the area of water parks. The most recent and strong rumors surrounding the new Universal Orlando Resort water park, said to go in the area south of Cabana Bay Beach resort, is that it will be built around a massive 200ft erupting volcano. This trademark seems to back those rumors up. This is a recent filing, only going through on June 26th of this year. With construction rumored to begin soon, hopefully we'll get a definitive answer on this soon, along with Hotel 5. As always, stay tuned to us here and on Twitter for more updates.
UPDATE: Teebin on Orlando United is saying Volcano Bay may simply be a name for one of the lands or areas inside the water park, so the original rumored name of Wondersea Island may still be in play. I could see Volcano Bay being the name of the wave pool and surrounding slides. Either way, it seems to confirm that there will be a volcano included in the park as rumored.

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