Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Splash Mountain Being Removed From Evening EMH

Beginning August 26th, 2012, Splash Mountain will no longer be a part of Evening EMH, and will be replaced by The Enchanted Tiki Room on the lineup. Ignoring the hilarious "replacement" choice of Tiki Room, I'd like to look a bit into what this could mean for the Magic Kingdom.

We all know Splash Mountain has been in terrible shape the past few years, and even yearly refurbs haven't helped it all that much. And while a few more hours of maintenance each week may help it a bit, this cut reeks more of a cutback than a maintenance move. Six hours a week won't put a dent into the ride's problems. Sure, there may be a tweak here and a tweak there that works, but nothing substantial.

But, let's give Disney the benefit of the doubt, and say it is for maintenance...why? I mean, Splash Mountain's yearly refurb is usually in January, a few months away. If your ride is already in bad shape, and you clearly don't have a problem with running it in bad shape, why not give it to the resort guests over the busy holiday period?

Could it be that Splash isn't going down for a refurb in 2013? Maybe because something else will be going down for a long period of time in 2013? Something...Jungle related?

That of course is half speculation, half wishful thinking on my part.

We'll see. This could just be a cost cutting measure. Could be for something more. We'll keep our eye on it, and as always, please follow @Parkscope for up to the minute updates.

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