Saturday, August 4, 2012

Penn & Teller House Coming to Halloween Horror Nights

Universal has now confirmed four houses for Halloween Horror Nights 22.  They announced Silent, then The Walking Dead, Alice Cooper, and most recently, Penn and Teller.  So far, each rumored house has been dead on (pun intended.)  This leaves three houses for the Universal Orlando event unannounced, but Universal seems to have gotten the licensed houses out of the way.

Penn and Teller's "New(kd) Las Vegas is the latest house announced for annual Orlando Halloween event.  The house will utilize 3D effects and feature a Las Vegas fallen victim to a Penn and Teller trick gone awry.

An excerpt from Universal's Press Release:

This fall, Penn & Teller invite Halloween Horror Nights guests to step into a dark, dilapidated and radioactive version of “Sin City,” as if one of their magic tricks has gone terribly awry and the city has been covered in nuclear ooze. Concepted by the duo themselves, the maze will feature the best of Vegas – showgirls, slot machines, little white wedding chapel, all-you-can-eat buffet, and more – all glowing with a toxic green hue.

“Universal Horror Nights can scare the living Elvis out of you, and me & Teller, well, we've been known to take things a bit too far.  Now we're working together on showing you what it would be like to live in a post-nuclear explosion Sin City.  C'mon by, but remember, you're not playing with children here,” said Penn Jillette, the larger, louder half of the duo.

“We’ve done more than just tap into the wildly creative minds of Penn & Teller, the most influential illusionists in the world. We’ve been working really closely with them. You are literally going to hear Penn directing you through this toxic wasteland before coming face-to-face with both Penn & Teller in this jarring 3D experience,” said Jim Timon, Senior Vice President of Entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort.
In an article by the Huffington Post, it was mentioned that Penn and Teller themselves plan to be in the House as much as possible which is very exciting.

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  1. As a huge Penn & Teller fan, this is great news. Everything they do has a fun, sick, and somewhat informative take on things. This one seems to be the irreverent and funny, yet scary, house of HHN. Lets hope it lives up to expectations.