Thursday, August 16, 2012

Country Bears Refurb, and what is the S.A.M.S. Project?

Today, Disney posted a slew of Notice of Commencements on the OC Comptroller site.

One of the more mundane is the one for the upcoming Country Bear Jamboree refurbishment.

(C) Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved
(C) Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved
But aside from that, there were plenty, I'd say 15+, detailing something designated the S.A.M.S. Project. Whatever it is, it's listed as electrical work for entire resorts, DHS, the west side of EPCOT's Future World, and other areas of the resort.

At this time I won't speculate on what it is, since there's no real information on it. Could it be upgrades for future NextGen projects? Or something else?
(c) Walt Disney World Resort. All rights reserved.
We'll keep you informed as anything breaks on the project.

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