Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rumor: Something Big on the Horizon for WDW?

No, I'm not talking about blue cat-people here.

The rumor mill has been churning on full blast the past few days regarding Walt Disney World.

First, Al Lutz posts this on his MiceAge column:

Who is also paying attention to Anaheim’s radical attendance shift are the executives in Orlando. Imagineering, buoyed by the huge success of DCA’s extreme makeover, has put together a proposal to do the same type of massive multi-year makeover for the floundering Disney Hollywood Studios park out in Disney World. It may not get the nearly 1.5 Billion that was spent on DCA from 2007 to 2012 (with Midway Mania, Pixar Play Parade, and World of Color paid for separately and on top of the 1.2 Billion dedicated to the makeover), but Imagineering would love to tear in to DHS and give the muddled theme of that park a fresh start and new look, bolstered with at least one new mega E Ticket and a smattering of smaller rides.

Exciting, isn't it? DHS has, by most accounts, been a thematic mess of a park for a long while, and there are many reports that those within WDW management know it. It's also the part that is apparently prone to cannibalization as well as losing people to competing parks like Universal and SeaWorld. So the idea behind it makes sense.

Now, does it have any merit? just might. Last night and early this morning word started getting around the fan community that Kathy Mangum has been moved from the DCA project to a new project for WDW. Not familiar with Kathy? Well, I'm sure your familiar with this:

(c) Disneyland Resort 2012. All rights reserved.

Yup, Kathy was one of the main people responsible for Cars Land serving as the land's producer. You're a bit more excited now, aren't you?

What could this mean? Could it be a big expansion for DHS? Maybe a direct clone of the insanely popular Cars Land from California Adventure? Something on the same scale but themed differently?

At the moment, we really have no clue. But the fact that someone from this very successful and thematically great attraction has been moved to work on something for WDW is exciting. But until we know what that is, let's have fun speculating!

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