Wednesday, December 13, 2017

YouTube Tuesday #23: ORIGINAL 1992 DVC Sales Video AND Disneyland Fun (1990 Disney Sing-Along #7)

That’s right folks, this week you get a double-dose of YouTube magic! And if you call in the next 5 minutes, you’ll get 100% more videos absolutely free! So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on a chance of a lifetime!

In actuality, the DVC Sales video was short enough that we felt two videos were warranted this week. Enter one of our all-time favorites to the rescue, Disney Sing-Along #7, that’s right, Disneyland Fun! Nostalgia romp month continues!

Some highlights from our two videos this week:

·       Member Berries Moments: Member when Old Key West used to be The DVC Resort? Member when DVC pretended that “the magic starts with flexibility?” (Oh wait they still pretend that? Nevermind) Member Top of the World (footage within!)? Member when Disney used to pretend that transportation from Old Key West was “convenient?” (Oh wait they still pretend that? Bloody hell)
·       Goofy singing songs from Snow White never ceases to amuse
·       Member the old park strollers? I think they took some of the queue chains and steel posts and fashioned them into a serviceable model
·       Is it clever or coincidental that Disney set the music for the Park Open Morning Mini Marathon to Step In Time?
·       Member Roger Rabbit? Wait, member Roger Rabbit again? Now he’s…wait…there he is again…member ROGER RABBIT WAS FREAKING EVERYWHERE BUY OUR MERCHANDISE
·       Note THE definitive version of Makin’ Memories. An all-time classic
·       I think everyone who was young in the early-1990s will recall the nightmares forever of the Grim Grinnin’ Ghosts segment. The foggy Mansion. The spooky tree people. The menacing Disney villains. The Witch, Captain Hook, Big Bad Wolf, Maleficent…and Donald with a white sheet over his head. I’m not making that up

Line up at the curb
Come on everyone
Hear the excitement
The fun has just begun!

As your Disney friends
Come dancing down the street
This sure is a show
That can’t be beat

For music and color
And laughter it brings
Toes’ll be tapping
When everybody sings

You’ll hear shouts of joy
As all your troubles fade
At the wonderful
Disneyland Parade!

And of course the beautiful rendition of “When You Wish…” at the end, transposing a moment of heaven that every child wished they had in 1990. Could anything be more celestial? 

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