Sunday, December 17, 2017

Parkscope Bonus YouTube Video #2: Disneyland Paris 1994 Souvenir Video

Officially titled "Memories of an Unforgettable Adventure," this god-awful souvenir video is great when you want to partake in a pretty extreme drinking game or want to have a higher opinion of American production values.

This souvenir video was created as part of the new marketing campaign to re-energize the resort after its first few disappointing years. The marketing campaign also changed the name of the resort from Euro Disney to Disneyland Paris, and the executives greenlit the Space Mountain addition to Tomorrowland (which you can see a preview for on this video).

So if you enjoy bad dubbing, questionable adult choices, and a haphazard touring plan, I'm sure you will enjoy this example of how not to do a souvenir video!

--ParkScopeJeff (@ParkScopeJeff)

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