Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Videos We're Passionate About: The Return of YouTube Tuesday

YouTube Tuesday will return this week, for all five of you who are excited about that. But what we're excited about is that we will be able to fulfill our full vision for YouTube Tuesday.

Up until now, we've been uploading videos we like as a test of the YouTube Tuesday broadcast system. The uploading of random videos (many of whom can be seen elsewhere) was not our ultimate vision for this anthology. The first seven videos we've posted were used to test whether we can viably maintain a weekly schedule of video postings and article writing. And the good news is, yes!

So, over the last few weeks we've been taking steps to deliver on our original promise for YouTube Tuesday: to deliver videos you probably haven't seen before. Speaking from our own experience, we love seeing new Disney and theme park videos, and learning new things about the subjects we're passionate about. YouTube Tuesday is about delivering these videos to you, so you can have the same delightful experience we did of watching them for the first time.

We've been raiding our VHS archives over the last few weeks, gathering some of our favorite theme park videos from the last few decades. And there is A TON of material that we have for you. And we can GUARANTEE that most of it hasn't been seen before. Not only by you. But by the entire internet. This is what we promised for our Parkscope YouTube Channel (SUBSCRIBE NOW!) and for YouTube Tuesday, and starting this Tuesday, we will deliver. So GET EXCITED. And join us this Tuesday!

--Jeff (@ParkScopeJeff)

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