Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dynamic Attractions

While we were busy recording podcasts and asking you to rate them on iTunes (do it please), two videos from entertainment manufacturing company Dynamic Attractions (a subsidiary of Dynamic Structures) came to our attention from WDWMagic and friend of the site HatetoFly.

First, little history. Dynamic Attractions offers 'turn key' (aka complete system) solutions to amusement parks. Where as B&M focuses on roller coasters and Sally on dark rides, Dynamic Attractions focuses on automation and robotics ride systems. Previous systems include Test Track (and probably Radiator Springs Racers), Soarin' over California, and the train and video systems for Forbidden Journey (Kuka supplied the arms, just as they did for Sum of all Thrills and the Lego attractions.)

Enough of my rambling, watch these videos.

In the above video, HTF suggested points in video at 57 seconds and 1:36 time stamps are of note, which while not stated, implies the Kong attraction ride system. Note the displays (probably 4K) on Kuka arms.

While HTF focused on Kong, I'm interested in the 4:00 time stamp, which appears to be the rumored ride system for the Avatar E Ticket. The Motion Theater offers flat level loading that then tilts up into a video screen.

Whats more interesting and pertinent is the video above, which is a proof of concept for what many believe is the Gringotts ride system. The vehicle design matches the Theme Park Insider leaked documents, while HTF's rumored ride experiences match up with the dark ride segments and thrill moments. Of course the coaster segments are actually significantly less intense than depicted here, but you get the idea. Whats most interesting to me is the track segment that slides sideways and down a small hill, a take off of the Space Mountain at DLR's load system for disabled guests.

If you want to read more about Dynamic Attractions and their offering, read their brochure.

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