Monday, November 18, 2013

1.10: Kübler-Ross

Joe, Mike, and Nick brew a local craft harvest ale of theme park news and opinions. This week...
  • Univeral's new food options
  • Projector upgrades
  • Rumors of new attractions and how to handle speculation
  • New Universal ads
  • California Grill vs Jiko as Nick and Joe battle it out
  • Sid's eviction
  • Imagination's seasonal death spiral
  • the nature of nostalgia and enabling
  • Denial
  • The People's Public of Princess Land (someone make this a tshirt please)
  • Soarin upgrades and additions
  • Georgie's comments at IAAPA about MyMagic+. 
Make sure to vote for our home, Orlando United, as the best theme park blog of the year this week at Behind the Thrills!

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