Thursday, September 7, 2017

Terminator 2 3D Closing October 8th

Terminator 2 3D will be closing October 8th to be replaced by an 'all new live action experience based on a high energy Universal franchise.'

It's not Sing or The Walking Dead, so just stop that for now.

T2:3D has been earmarked for replacement over the past 7 years. Several projects have been considered including The Walking Dead haunt found at USH and an original plan of an Avatar attraction before Disney told Cameron they'd give him a Potter-like land (not just one attraction).

We believe the replacement attraction will be another live action show (duh) similar to T2:3D using modern projection systems, new effects, and bigger stunts. Universal and WB are bidding to distribute the next few James Bond movies and an attraction in a theme park could be part of that proposal. Additionally Universal has it's own James Bond-like franchise, Jason Bourne, that could fill in if the right negotiations fall through.

The new replacement attraction opens in 2019.

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