Thursday, May 26, 2016

Universal Starts Zoning 475 Acres of Land

Richard Bilbao at the Orlando Business Journal reports that a new Universal Studios Sub-District 8 zoning for theme parks and entertainment map has been provided to Orange County's planning development.

Image from Orange County. Image gathered from Orlando Business Journal.
This land will be zone for resorts, theme parks, and entertainment areas per our initial speculation. In addition, two other land areas to the east have been purchased and show a transportation line between them and the main property. Universal could be focusing on the main property right now with the two annexed pieces of land being used for future resorts and hotels. Conversely the pieces of land could be used for parking garages or a transportation hub as those parcels of land are closer to the I-4 off ramp. This now brings Universal's new land ownership to 475 acres, up from 450 originally purchased.

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