Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Universal Acquires Wet 'n Wild Property and More

Today, three interesting documents were uploaded to the Orange County Comptroller.

1) There is a Notice of Merger by declarant Universal Studios Water Parks LLC.  In the document, land that Wet 'n Wild is on and various lease provisions are listed in Exhibits A and B respectively.  I think in this case, "merger" means that Universal's lease rights are merging with the ownership rights held by Southwest Land Company and SWL Holdings.

2) Deed of Wet and Wild Property from Grantor Southwest Land Company to to Grantee Universal Studios Water Parks LLC

3) Deed of Wet and Wild Property from Grantor SWL Holdings to Grantee Universal Studios Water Parks LLC

Thanks to Gator on Orlando United, we now have this lovely graphic:

"I put together this quick and dirty map showing what exactly Universal just got their hands on. They (Universal Studios Water Parks Florida LLC) now own everything within the yellow borders (notice they are not all contiguous) and the blue lines and numbers refer to the separate parcel numbers you will see in the deeds."-'Gator'

This is pretty big news and quite a coincidence because we were discussing potential land acquisitions, water parks, and 3rd gates on Orlando United today.  Up until today, Universal only leased Wet 'n Wild and did not own the land itself.

Ongoing discussion of Universal Orlando Expansion at Orlando United.

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  1. So jealous of the article, nice work on getting this out though.
    With so much land bought up, its hard to begin to think what Universal will be planning!
    For us, a themed 'there and back' transportation ride would link two park areas together over a bridgeway across Universal Blvd would make a lot of sense!