Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hey a Movie!

Disney Hollywood Studios (nee Disney MGM Studio's, or if you found a renegade bus, Disney's MGM-Studio) is going through a major renovation

  1. Expansion of Star Tour to incorporate Backlot Express and Indiana Jones (E-Ticket moto bike in the later, restaurant in the former.)
  2. Removal of the three times a day Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show
  3. Expansion of Pixar to add a modified for Florida Carsland to DHS next to Pixar Place
  5. Oh did we mention Muppets is being removed at worse, moved at best?
It's the rumor of the month. I don't tend to trust rumors much beyond where I can throw them to (basically to Dudley Do Rights) but this one seems to have some momentum combined with D23 buzz the New Fantaslyand Expansion got like 5 years ago.

My opinion and theory comes down to "Starbucks".

If something better replaces something similar, it's a win. If something, in order to replace something inferior replaces something VERY GOOD, it is bad. Take the new coffee shop on Main Street. Yes, we get new coffee, but to replace all the good pastries also? Maybe we're just washing even on the whole deal.

Loss of Muppetvision is bad. Maybe nobody cares or sees it a a requirement, but I see it as the last project Jim Henson took part in. In its original location. I understand no Disney Theme Park (TM) needs to be a cemetery, but if we keep Carousel of Progress hobbling along why can't we keep the superior Muppetvision 3D continuing? Yeah don't answer that one with 1.) Horizons 2.) Journey into Imagination 3.) Timekeeper 4.) anything older than a decade that was removed and believed to be a dark horse.

Point is, the Hollywood Studios expansion should be an EXPANSION. It should grow the park, not eat its own tail. Of all the attractions to eliminate, MUPPETS? Not the vacant theater where Sounds Dangerous is at? Not American Idol? Nowhere else? MUPPETS?

Of course we are all reporting and obsessing on minutia, so it doesn't matter till it opens. Just ask Equatorial Africa, Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers, and Beastly Kingdome. And those were ANNOUNCED NOT JUST RUMORED.

I guess what it comes down to is 'what franchises are hot?' and 'what are people looking for in a studios park?' I think both questions are things Disney and myself are having problems answering.

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