Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rumor: New Night Show for Islands of Adventure?

So, today we bring a rumor to you courtesy of our friend Mr. EPCOT, who just happens to live by Universal Orlando Resort. According to him, there were pyro tests happening over Islands of Adventure last night. He says he saw an occasional white flash, which he initially believed were just leftover shells from Universal Cinematic Spectacular. But he assures us that after closer inspection, the  flashes were definitely coming from closer to Islands of Adventure.

Now, what can this mean? Well, by all accounts, Universal Cinematic Spectacular has been a success at the Studios park, so much so, that Universal is actively redesigning its waterfront in order to offer more viewing space in the Central Park area, as we reported earlier this month. Maybe Universal is now intending to do the same for the IoA park? It would make sense, and the properties there could really make one heck of a nightshow.

Another hypothesis I have about it could be a NYE fireworks spectacular for the park.

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