Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gaston's Tavern Unveils Signature Drink

After hints from Al Lutz, it seems the incredibly popular Red's Apple Freeze from Carsland is heading to Gaston's Tavern as 'LeFou's Brew'.

This is LeFou, by the way. Makes you think 'fruit mango foam', no?
Image copyright Walt Disney Company.

The drink is a frozen apple juice with a slight hint of toasted marshmallow. Sounds good, no? How about topping that with fruit mango foam! You know, all those mango plantations on the French country side.

And of course they'll be available in novelty mugs!

Busty woman in back with real beer not included.
Image copyright Walt Disney Company.

I'm interested in trying it, and of course I'm going to totally rock the Belle chalice through the park... like a boss.

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