Wednesday, May 30, 2012

They raised prices... AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Today, we shall take on a recent bit of news (one that we talk about every year) ticket price increases. Are the recent ticket price increases erroneously high or should we consider other factors when we look at what has recently went on? Let's sit back and discuss, shall we?

In case you didn't get the memo, the Orlando Sentinel announced a Universal Orlando Resort ticket price increase of 3.5% on Monday, May 29th. This brings the cost of a one day - one park ticket to either Universal Studios Florida theme park or Universal's Islands of Adventures theme park to $88. The catch with the price increase is that Universal did not act in the typical manner this time. Rather than reacting to a Walt Disney World price increase, they were proactive!

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This says a lot about where Universal is after the $265 million dollar investment that resulted in the critically acclaimed Wizarding World of Harry Potter. After years of following the mouse, demand for tickets at Universal Orlando Resort have finally reached the point where they can set ticket prices at their on accord.

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Some questions that always come up when ticket prices change are only logical. Is the new price worth it? Will I get what I pay for? Have they priced themselves too high? Is my return on investment going to be worth the cost of admission? In order to figure out that question, we must compare one form of entertainment to another.

Movies are a mainstay in America when it comes to entertainment, but the cost is ever increasing. Right now, if you were to attend a 3-D movie at a theater in my area, it would cost you over $10 a person, but that is just the start.

Football! The number 1 sport in the United States! How much does it cost for one person to go to one football game? Well, that depends. I graduated from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Ga. They are an NCAA Div 1 - FCS powerhouse. Since football was reinstated in the early 80's they have won 6 National Championships and set a record for playoff appearances. For one ticket to a game featuring our archrivel, Appalachine State, you will pay $25 to enter Paulson Stadium. This is the same price you would pay for a ticket to see them play The Citadel or anyone else on schedule, playoffs or regular seaon. Not bad for a few hours of entertainment.

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My wife graduated from this little school located in Athens, GA called the University of Georgia. Last season, we attended homecoming in Athens. For $45 each we were presented with a ticket to an SEC football game that required oxygen tanks to reach the seats because they were so high. Want closer, you pay more!
We also attended the Outback Bowl in Tampa on New Years Day to watch the Michigan State Spartans defeat my wife's beloved Bulldogs for $75 a person, which is what the average person pays for a regular season ticket to any NFL game in the nation.

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For $75, people are paying for about 3 hours of entertainment. If you were at the NASCAR All-Star race with me at Charlotte Motorspeedway this year, you paid about $80 a person to be on the front streightaway. With that ticket, you recieved action on the track for about 4 hours.
Now, consider that for $8 more than what I paid to see Jimmie Johnson win the All-Star event I could've visited Islands of Adventure and it doesn't seem so bad. For $88, you are going to get 10 - 12 hours of world class entertainment, fireworks, and outstanding customer service. Universal Orlando has certainly stepped up their game and are asking people to pay a primemum for the world class entertainment they offer.

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Is $88 expensive to visit a theme park? Yes! However, you get what you pay for. If the price Increase is justified, which it seems to be this time, it is understandable. Once you start pricing multi day tickets and annual passes, it becomes even more economical to visit Universal Orlando Resort.

Just something to chew on before you begin complaining on your favorite forum.

Until next time, duces!
-Mr. X

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