Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts Teaser Announcement

This delightful photo is copyright Universal Parks & Resorts and Nintendo.
I had a hard time deciding on how to write the title to this article. Do I do a play on "Sega Does What Nintendon't"? Nintendo and Universal announce projects? I think 'teaser' is a good descriptor; we hear some vague info on the locations, attractions, and goals of the project but not much else. To quote the press release, "All of the adventure, fun and whimsy you experience through a screen will now be all around you – in breathtakingly authentic ways," and "coming to... Universal Orlando," that's a very deliberate phrasing and a hint of what's to come.

I would be remiss to mention these bullet points Universal is highlighting:

  • Nintendo-themed areas are coming to Universal Studios Japan, Universal Orlando Resort, and Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • These will be expansive, immersive and interactive. They’ll be highly themed and authentic environments filled with multiple attractions, shops and restaurants.
  • You’ll feel as if you’re playing inside your favorite games – in real life.
  • There will be something for everyone—regardless of their age or gaming experience level.
  • Planning and creative work on these areas is well underway; they will open separately over the next several years.

Also, enjoy this video with Shigeru Miyamoto, because he is delightful.

Nintendo World (my name) has not opening date, but is expected to open at Universal Studios Japan before the Olympics and stateside shortly afterwards. 

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