Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reign of Kong Updates

Skull Island: Reign of Kong is finalizing construction and inching towards opening this summer. Here are some updates from the project.
Night time lighting testing has begun and it looks amazing.

MickeyXtreme on Twitter has provided several photos taken from the air of the Kong construction. You can see the outdoor path layout, landscaping, and interior queue set up.

The exterior doors for the attraction are now regularly testing. These doors are the main show doors, but there are a smaller set behind them to block out the sun and soundproof the attraction.

Finally, Orlando United poster emurphy707 posted that the season finally of Face-Off is called Skull Island; Reign of Kong. Face-Off has previously broadcast episodes on special effects make-up for Halloween Horror Nights and it's likely this year they are working with Universal on such effects for Kong.

We have been hearing for over a year of actors portraying Skull Island 'natives' in the queue and/or post show; this special along with a casting call from early February show Universal is moving ahead with this plan. Expect something more along the line of the Face-Off scare zone from prior Halloween Horror Nights minus the "jump scares" that startle people.

Reign of Kong is shaping up to be a complex experience, one we haven't seen since The Great Movie Ride combined a guided tour, AAs, film segments, and live actors in 1989. We believe Kong might be ready for a May soft opening date to handle the Memorial Day crowds. Universal has traditionally held events opening events to open several new additions at once and since Sapphire Falls has officially been announced to open in July 2016, we expect Kong's official opening to happen at that time too.

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