Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Permit Update: The Tonight Show Cometh! Project 727

Hey hey hey hey!  Hey hey hey hey!

Good news everyone!  Yesterday, Universal applied for an "Interior Demolition" permit for Project 727.   Project 727 is strongly believed to be the replacement for Twister: Ride it Out.  A Tonight Show attraction is the favorite to replace to Twister, and we expect a fancy new New York facade package to come to the area.

The end is nigh for Ol' Twister, so we suggest getting  your Paxton fill as soon as possible.

Credit to NJBrandon on Orlando United forums for the permit find.

As always, please follow @Parkscope on twitter for the latest updates.  To catch up on Project 727 and the Tonight Show attraction, check out Orlando United forums.

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