Monday, March 10, 2014

2.10 - Jazzland 2.0

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Joe and Mike are joined by Tonya Pope to talk about the proposal submitted to redevelop Jazzland Park in New Orleans, Louisiana! We discuss the scope of the project, attractions to be featured, and answer some of your questions.

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  1. They will need a large steel coaster to set this park as a "regional park". With the removal of Batman, the park's coaster list is fairly weak.

  2. Well, they are adding the Roller Soaker and plussing the Mega Zeph and Mount Driskell in this phase. Per Ms. Pope in our interview, "The Bayou" has quite a bit of room for expansion. I could see a major coaster going there once they get up and running.


  3. I can see one other thing if the price gets reasonable enough- getting one of the coasters from Freeland Music Park..there is also word that Ghost Town in the Sky is selling its coaster FOR SCRAP