Sunday, March 17, 2013

Web Roundup: March 17th

Good evening everyone. Tonight I will be enjoying some curry, a nice IPA, and Wreck it Ralph for the first time on BluRay. What should you be doing? Well....

Plaza Ice Cream Boat Shuffle & A Look at Tom Sawyer Island by Passport to Dreams

Foxxy continues her examination of classic Magic Kingdom design and history with two fantastic articles. In Plaza Ice Cream Boat Shuffle, a new level of mystery is added to the infamous Swan Boats as she researches the original dock location, it's actual opening date, and propulsion systems.

A Look at Tom Sawyer Island is, well, a look at Tom Sawyer Island. The article culminates in a great 17 minute 'details' video.

There's not much else to add, Foxxy's amazing work speaks for itself.

Teller Interview with Esquire Magazine

In the Tom Sawyer Island article, Foxxy covers the slight of hand and tricks that occur on the island to convey isolation and escapism. I feel nothing covers the obsession with illusion, perfection, story telling, and just plain old magic like Teller from Penn & Teller. This interview covers the history, background, and ongoing feud over one of his most unique illusions.

Breaking the 4th Wall: A History & Supercut (NSFW)

Press Play has compiled a delightful compilation, but not comprehensive, cut of movies that break the fourth wall. The themed entertainment world holds the fourth wall as sacred, even more so than the movie industry. This cut shows the various ways the fourth wall has been broken in movies (direct acknowledgement of the audience) and this can be compared and contrasted with themed entertainment's fourth wall (direct acknowledgement that what you are experiencing is not in fact what we're telling you it is). Movies have developed this trope more than themed entertainment, which is stuck in the Albert Brooks style of fourth wall, tongue in cheek, 'hey we're in on the joke too', shattering. (WE CAN YOU FOOL, WE'RE BOLTED TO THE SEATS!)

NOTE: Video contains language, situations, and visuals not considered appropriate for polite company.

The Future That Never Was

Brice at Progressland Blog has completed his artistic and historical evaluation of Tomorrowland 1994, aka The Future That Never Was But Always Shall Be. Tomorrowland 1994 was my gateway drug into themed design, similar to how Test Track was that to the online theme park community. By far my favorite part is the musical analysis, something that has been overlooked and ignored the most in Tomorrowland 1994.

Hard Rock Park/Freestyle Music Park History

Image from ThemeParkInsider.
Hard Rock Park is the oddest, craziest, and weirdest theme park story of the past decade. Opened for 5-6 months, then shut, only to reopen for one season under a different name, Hard Rock Park was a massive failure. But it created some amazing shows, a classic dark ride, and one of the oddest coasters ever conceived (see photo above).

Theme Park University is running a history piece on the park in several parts. Part one is linked above, part 2 is available here.

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