Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New EPCOT Attraction for 2015?

This new rumor comes to us from the Season Pass Podcast, and an interview with Disney and Disney Parks director Jerry Rees. In it, Rees says he is working on a new, mystery project for Walt Disney World's EPCOT that will open in 2015.

Rees is known for directing The Brave Little Toaster, creating the special effects for Tron, and working on numerous Disney park classics such as Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Alien Encounter, Cranium Command, and Cinemagic in Disney Studios Paris.

So, what could this be? I'll look at some theories below

Captain EO Replacement

We all know Captain EO was supposed to come back as a tribute, but I think most of us would agree it's overstayed its welcome. With Rees's directing experience with things inside the parks, it wouldn't be a stretch to think he'd be working on something to replace the relic of a show. The question is whether or not a new film in the Magic Eye Theater will be followed by a new dark ride next door.

Universe of Energy Refurbishment

Just as Captain EO has worn out its welcome, so has the Ellen version of Universe of Energy. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy this version of the original EPCOT Center attraction, but I also have to admit it's horribly stuck in the 90s. Rees could be developing new preshow and ride films to replace the aging Ellen ones.

New World Showcase Film

This is probably the least likely of the bunch, in my opinion, considering it seems Disney is content with simply adding dining and shopping to World Showcase and calling it a day. Still, it'd be great to get a new offering in the area.

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  1. Obviously no word on Buzzy being welcomed back into the fold yet; the more info I find, the less likely we might see him back in his home park. Poor brain pilot Buzzy!
    Also, best wishes on the mystery attraction unveiling, will at least bet half my candies for that!

  2. They should also think about adding a new parade for the park. It's been years since the Tapestry Of Nations/Dreams parade had it's last run in the park. If Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom can have one or two parades why can't Epcot. Also they would need a new world showcase themed one or something futuristic that also includes Disney Characters.

  3. Change captain eo with a 4D movie with toys story caracters, Elen energy with 4D effect about climate change twister hurricane ocean ect...
    Add Russia, India, Brasil, thailand, egypt
    It cost a lot for these and they can't do it all at once, but let hope that they will do some soon :)