Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Today Show Diagon Alley Sweepstakes

Starting May 13th and running to the 18th, The Today Show will offer a sweepstakes to win the chance to go to the opening of Diagon Alley sometime in June.

To enter, you must answer a 'clue' online as given out during The Today Show, but, according to rules as listed on the page...

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Answer does not affect chances of winning.
You are allowed one entry per day, per person/email address.

Simply go to this site and enter the sweepstakes once every day between May 13th and May 18th.

Although the sweepstakes do not require a correct answer, we will be providing the clues and answers each day this week.

May 13th Answer: 9 3/4
May 14th Answer: Ollivanders
May 15th Answer: Butterbeer
May 16th Answer: Galleons