Thursday, February 20, 2014

Breakinig: News: New International Universal Park Coming

Well, in a bit of a muted bombshell, Universal Studios Japan operator USJ Co. has announced they are looking for sites to build another park. The story comes from The Asahi Shimbun, and says that the park is stretched to its limits when it comes to space, and with the park's capacity ballooning up to 10.5 million last year, they need to look for a new site to work on. The story says there are five potential sites, one of which is in Japan. The others are expected to be highly populated Asian areas with growing disposable income such as Taipei in Taiwan, Jakarta in Indonesia, or Mumbai, India. The big question is if the park ends up in Japan, will it be another Studios park? Or will we see a new version of an Islands of Adventure for the Japanese audience?

Whatever the case, it's another interesting move for Comcast's growing theme park empire. As always, stay connected to breaking news through our twitters @Parkscope, @Parkscope_Sean, @CaptMichael87, @parkscopejoe, and @MrX_381.

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