Monday, January 27, 2014

2.4 - Lock It In With The Phelps Twins

Joe, Mike, and Nick are joined by special guest Banks Lee from Attractions Magazine and Attractions the Show! We pontificate:

  • Wraslin'
  • Mexican food (again)
  • FastPass Plus for APs
  • Meet and Greets, Maleificent, and Disney's mentality for adding new attractions
  • Holy Land Experience
  • the Harry Potter Celebration
  • Your questions!
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  1. Thanks for picking my question! Sorry it was a bit confusing. Hopefully this means SeaWorld Orlando does get higher attendance. It'll be curious to see how many of the Fun Cardholders use their cards in the coming months.

  2. Good point about Maleficent and changing the color of her face from green to pale.
    Why isn't Anna and the other Frost character at the character meal? This would be much better.