Saturday, May 11, 2013

World of Avatar


Quick history: FOX & Disney entered an exclusive deal to bring Avatar and sequels to Disney parks. FOX forced Disney's hand in an announcement, threatening to announce it themselves at their quarterly results in order to pep up a weak financial quarter. Disney announced in the project in 2011 before WDI or parks & resorts was informed. If Disney had it's wish, they would have waited for months, if not years before an announcement. 

That's that. Now for some updates. Some of this is already public knowledge, some of this is new. I have pulled it all together for this post.

1.) There will be two rides, a D ticket dark ride, and an E ticket trill ride.

2.) The E ticket ride's name is believe to be themed to the flight of passage scene from Avatar.

3.) It is believed that the E ticket thrill ride will use the Vekoma's Pandora's Box ride system (I hope the irony of that name doesn't escape you.)

4.) The ride system has, and the new E ticket is presumed to have, the ability to incorporate film and practical sets. This will line up with the 'next generation of Soarin' rumors.

5.) Several outside companies have been contacted about helping with the attractions. While I cannot confirm which attraction, I know a project was shopped around to several interactive media companies. My assumption it is for the E ticket ride will feature some interactive elements, probably in the film segments.

6.) The land's current name is Pandora: World of Avatar.

Hopefully more will be announced by Disney soon.

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