Future WDW Projects


Illuminations Replacement

Rumors have picked up that World of Color and Festival of Fantasy lead designer Steve Davison is working on an Illuminations replacement to debut by the end of the decade. New lasers have already been installed and incorporated into the existing show. New rumored effects include the use of World of Color style fountains and flying drones.

Future World

Innoventions has been shutting down in phases with no announced replacement. Universe of Energy is planned to be demolished and a rollercoaster will be built on that lad. While some are saying this will be Guarding of the Galaxy based, we have our doubts on the strength or possibly of that due to the Universal/Marvel contract. Imagination has been flagged for replacement for years, with the last plan being shelved in favor of adding Frozen to Norway.

Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney is looking at rebooting Disney's Hollywood Studios with a new name and focus. Gone is the focus on the studio and now the park will focus on the excitement of being fully immersed in lands and attractions based on movie properties. This includes a name change per Jim Hill on the Disney Dish podcast to Disney Hollywood Adventure.
Several people have reported that the Great Movie Ride will be removed and a new attraction Mickey Mouse will be added.

Star Wars Land

Suggested and rumored since 1989, Bob Iger finally announced a Star Wars land at D23 2015. No solid attraction information is available, nor is any timetable. It is believed this will be an expansion to the park, with the land being placed in the parking lot or across the back access street.

The concept art released shows large cliffs and buildings inspired by the many planets in the galaxy. The land will take place on an outer rim planet, where cultures have melded and a trade port set up. Here, the last stop before deep space, you can visit authentic shops, cantinas, and take part in interactive experiences. Rumors place an opening of Star Wars land in 2019 at Disneyland and Disney Hollywood Studios.

Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land will take over the backstage areas behind Toy Story Midway Mania and open in 2018. Here, Andy has set up his toys and you are shrunk down to play in the sets. TSMM's entrance will be rotated and located behind the current entrance while a third track to the ride will add much needed capacity. A green army men flat ride will be a Mater's Junkyard Jamboree clone (this is a good thing) and a Slinky Dog coaster will offer a family coaster between BTMR and Rock'n'Roller Coaster with a launched segment and bunny hills.

Magic Kingdom

With the 50th Anniversary coming in 2021 it is expected for the Magic Kingdom to receive a new attraction. Rumors are for something from Shanghai Disneyland, such as the Tron coaster.

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